Healing relationships with Reiki is possible, but it takes a lot of experience and knowledge. It takes a Reiki practitioner with at least second degree to perform healing at this level effectively. As a 2nd or 3rd degree practitioner, he or she can use Reiki techniques to heal the vital relationships in the patient’s life.

When you have identified a relationship which you want to restore to the same or higher levels of love and satisfaction, you can work on it with your Reiki practitioner. Your commitment as a patient to bring back the sweetness and love in that connection contributes a lot in making it happen. Reiki has many advantages and is helpful in all area of life. You can also take the support of an experience Reiki Master or Reiki practitioner for sending Reiki to a relationship.

Healing your relationships with Reiki

Step one: you can begin with sending some Reiki love light to the person. If you are a visual person you can view yourself and the person in your mind’s eye and view the white light surrounding both of you.

Just be alert of the emotions and pictures from the past that arises. When they do arise just permit the pictures to appear and then draw the Sei He Ki symbol for exciting healing of that past event. You will feel the bad emotions releasing if you are alert and you notice the changes that are taking place in your body and mind.

Reiki masters make use of different symbols for building interconnection among people.

1.       Distance symbols begins setting up relationship between 2 or more people.

2.       Power symbol makes use for flowing Reiki power and establishes the link between 2 or more people.

3.       Emotional healing symbol is used to make adjustment in power flow and supports a person to sue their intuition for bringing harmony and piece in relationships.

The implementation of these symbols to be achieved in way that it makes a positive link between two or more people. These 3 symbols are used in a right order, so that to establish link and set up a relation between 2 people to get synchronization between them.

If you find inconsistency in your relationships, you should try out Reiki as it can have right impact on your association. It can permit you to institute right ways of handling relationships and getting certain about building a combine collaboration with harmony and piece.

Reiki symbols can be successful in building powerful relationships. If you want to build powerful roots for any link, try out Reiki and feel change in the intensity of your relations.

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